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2014 LBD Awareness Movement

Team Up With LBDA During 2014 Awareness Movement In October
And Make A Difference Nationwide

Has the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Phenomenon excited
to do something to support your favorite cause? Then, look no further!
LBDA has 4 ways for you to participate in 2014 LBD Awareness Movement
during the month of October.

Who Can Participate? All are welcome! Opportunities are available for various individuals -- from those touched by LBD to health-care providers managing patients with this condition.

What's Available? How Do I Sign Up? Review our "Events In A Box" opportunities below and decide which one would be perfect for you to perform in your community. These easy-to-manage, turnkey events were developed to encourage participation from individuals with minimal time to commit to those with time available to host a bigger event. All kits contain event instructions and LBD resource materials for distribution. Those other than the LBD Awareness Kit also contain templates you can use to create press releases, flyers, and invitations specifically for your event.

Once you have decided on your activity, click on the 'Register' link and select your chosen event from the drop-down menu. We will then send you your "event in a box" that contains all of the materials and instructions you will need to host a successful event in support of LBD and LBDA during the month of October.

Should you have any questions prior to registering, please contact Diedrea White.

Promote the LBDA diagnostic checklist Have Little Time? The "LBD Awareness Kit" May Be Right For You!
Activity Overview: A kit you can use to distribute LBD materials in your community. You choose your venue: A high-traffic area in your city such as a popular thoroughfare or park; your local church, recreation center, medical center, elderly assistive living facility; just to name a few.
Who Can Do This: Anyone
Register for the 2014 LBD Awareness Activity.

Host an LBD awareness event Have A Little More Time? Interested In Public Speaking? Then, Try The "LBD Public Education Kit"!
Activity Overview: This kit not only gives you the opportunity to distribute LBD materials in your community, but it also includes an hour-long presentation on LBD and LBD that you can give to individuals in your chosen venue such as your local church, recreation center, brain health and/or elderly-focused support group, etc. Don't worry. You do not have to be a pro to give this presentation. The content is written in an easy-to-understand fashion, and speaker's notes are included. You can give as many presentations as you like during the month of October.
Who Can Do This: Anyone
Register for the 2014 LBD Public Education Activity.

Tell your LBD story Are You A Health-Care Professional? Interested In Public Speaking? The"LBD Allied Health-Care Professionals Kit" Is The One For You!
Activity Overview: A one-hour presentation to help educate your peers on LBD. You can give this talk in such forums as academic and medical institutions, solo and group practices, and assistive living centers. Content was developed with the allied health-care professional in mind, and can be an accredited or nonaccredited offering. You can perform as many speaking engagements as you like during the month of October. Register for the 2014 LBD Allied Health-Care Professionals Activity.

Tell your LBD story Have More Time? Want To Do Something Clever? How About Hosting A "Little Black Dress Event"?
Activity Overview: Want to get your friends together for a fun event while supporting LBDA? Then, here's your chance! You may have heard of the general concept behind the Little Black Dress event, and may have even heard of or attended one of these affairs. The "Little Black Dress" Kit contains the tools you need to host a great cocktail party, dinner party, dessert social, or other formal engagement for ladies and/or gentlemen in your home, church, recreation center, favorite restaurant or nightclub, art gallery, etc. Use this as an LBD fundraising opportunity. Throw on your favorite little black dress in support of Lewy. Tie optional.
Who Can Do This: Anyone
Register for the 2014 Little Black Dress Activity.

Don't Forget To Lace Up Your Sneakers For the Leg-It-For Lewy 5K Run/Walk on October 21, 2014, at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia.
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